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History of Hotel Lovec

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Our beginning

The old part of the building has a varied history.

Many years before the First World War, this was a restaurant called »Pužman«, which Matevž Jekler set up for his son.

Years later, Franc Hudovernik leased the restaurant and he introduces »litres« instead of »bokal« (an old measurement; 1 liter = 1,415 liters), and because of this, the restaurant was called »Pri litru« (»alt Liters«).

Our beginning

Step by step

In 1911 he sold it to Ivan Medij, who renamed it to »Pri Jagru« (»at Hunters«.) Because he did not manage it well, Pavla Roblek, wife of a pharmacist Hugon Roblek, bought it from him. He was a great patriot and a he worked in tourism.

In 1924, Polde Pernuš took over the restaurant with 13 rooms, who bought it a few years later. He increased the number of rooms to 28 rooms and a few garage spaces.

From 1948 the hotel was a state property and it was closed for several years until 2005, when it was completely renovated to the image you see today.

Step by step
Step by step

Popular meeting point

Hotels terrace, in the shade of a 100 year old chestnut trees, has always been a popular meeting point for locals, which has also always been known for the delicious food.

The chestnut trees form the past stayed, and we are also doing our best to keep the excellent cuisine to attract many visitors to enjoy the nostalgic moments with us.

Popular meeting point
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